Christopher Crompton is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, writer and poet from the West Midlands.

His work is created from a diverse palette of influences that cross genres and cultures. His distinctive voice and guitar playing draw these threads together into a unique sound and presentation. The subjects he addresses are equally heterogeneous, from the personal to the political, from the Stoic to the spiritual, from the everyday to the extraordinary. In every corner of experience, Christopher seeks the sensibilities that render the individual universal.

His words and music set out to make you feel something. They challenge but carry compassion. They empathise, lament, celebrate and encourage.

Christopher tours in the UK and the USA.

"A fine example of what the UK has to offer to the world at large"

– Bob Bignell, Bromsgrove Folk Club/Bob's Folk Focus

"Taking the USA by storm... definitely worth checking out!"

– Hard Rock Cafe, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

For press or gig enquiries, please get in touch.

Christopher's debut album, Keep the Future Bright, was released on 12th March 2023.

His second and latest studio album, The Darkness and the Dust, was released on 10th December 2023.

Here is Christopher performing "Hard Times", an original song from his latest album, "Keep the Future Bright":